Steven D’Amico

Assistant Principal Double Bass

d'amicoWhile growing up in San Mateo, Steven D’Amico started his musical studies (like many boys from an Italian background) by playing the accordion. Although that was fun for a few years—because rock’n’roll ruled in the 1960’s—the accordion was soon tossed aside for the electric bass. After entering high school, Steve was still unsure of what instrument to seriously study. His music teacher at Serra High School, John Catalano, suggested he pick a “legitimate instrument.” In response, Steve chose the double bass. During his senior year of high school, Mr. D’Amico began his classical training with Lynn DeRamus and later continued with his principal teacher, S. Charles Siani.

In 1975, Steve received a Bachelor of Music degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. During his last year at SFCM, Mr. D’Amico won the position of Assistant Principal Double Bass with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra and is currently that orchestra’s Principal Double Bassist. In 1976 and 1977, he was awarded a fellowship at the Tanglewood Music Festival as a member of the Tanglewood Fellowship Orchestra. In 1979, he became a member of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players under the leadership of Jean-Louis LeRoux; he continued to perform with that ensemble until 2004.

Mr. D’Amico joined the San Francisco Opera Orchestra as Assistant Principal Double Bass in 1980. He also performs with many chamber music ensembles in the Bay Area.

Mr. D’Amico is married to Yolonda D’Amico, a former dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, who is currently completing a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of California in San Francisco. Steve is known for showing many members of the Orchestra the joys (and occasional sorrows) of fishing for salmon on the Pacific Ocean.